Medellín: The Story of Urban Transformation

leon-de-greiff_img_2962-sergio-gomezColombia’s second largest city, Medellín has transformed itself in recent years to become a model for social and sustainable urban development. Through collaborations between planners, designers, city officials, and residents that are focused on the poorest and most isolated neighborhoods, the city has successfully used urban planning as a tool to create a more equitable and ecologically balanced community. By centering new construction around schools, libraries, parks, and cultural centers, Medellín has witnessed a significant reduction in crime and unemployment while improving the quality of life for all its citizens. This page provides a deeper, layered look at Medellín’s many transformational projects, through GIS mapping and multimedia tools.

Medellín: Ecocitizen Map

Explore the evolving interactive ecocitizen map of Medellín: turn layers off and on, change the basemap, view projects. For more detailed descriptions of local data, click here.

Citizens of Medellín!
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Medellín Storytelling Map Tour

    Watch and Remix Project Movies.

  • Medellín: Urban Transformation through Education
  • Medellín: Urban Transformation through Transportation
  • Medellín: Social Change through Urban Greening
  • Medellín: Public Health as Agent of Change
  • Medellín: Youth Development for Urban Equity

    Medellín Ecocity Assessment

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